THE HIDDEN MAN by David Ellis

On October 20, 1925, U.S. journalist and humorist Art Buchwald was born. Okay, I’m a day early mentioning a celebrity writer’s birthday, but tomorrow is also my grandson’s Michael’s birthday–so why not?

the Hidden ManI recently read a thriller called THE HIDDEN MAN, written by David Ellis and published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons. What makes this book so intriguing and noteworthy is not only the vivid writing, compelling characters, and strong story line, but also the author himself. Ellis is not only a writer, but he was the lead prosecutor in the trial of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. 

Ellis uses his first-hand knowledge of the criminal defense system to write THE HIDDEN MAN, a thoughtful and surprising thriller that ponders the larger questions of fate, loyalty, redemption and having the courage to do the right thing, in spite of the risks and regardless of the consequences.  

The main character is Midwesterner Jason Kolarich, who rises from humble beginnings to become a star in a high-powered criminal defense firm. Although Jason has escaped his neighborhood and unfortunate family situation, he has never forgotten his roots. After his wife and daughter die in a freak car accident while Jason is working late, he blames himself and walks away from his celebrity for a simpler life. While trying to cope with his unimaginable grief, he is hired by a mysterious “Mr. Smith” to defend a childhood friend from a murder charge. In doing so, Jason must relive a tragic incident that has haunted him for decades.

In THE HIDDEN MAN, David Ellis has created a likeable hero in Jason Kolarich, an everyday man who has scraped his way to the top through hard work and determination, yet still remains true to his values. Donna Volkenannt


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