October 29 – On this date in 1942 the Alaska highway was completed.

thelastwillofmoiraTHE LAST WILL OF MOIRA LEAHY is the debut novel by Therese Walsh, published by Shaye Areheart Books. Walsh is a gifted storyteller who has written a gripping story about the powerful bond of sisters and the unbearable sadness of losing a loved one.

 Raised on the coast of Maine, twin sisters Moira and Maeve, play pirates in their father’s boat. They are groomed to be uniquely different—one shy and demure, the other outgoing and bold—by their controlling mother. Moira is the piano-playing, awkward sister who grew up in Maeve’s shadow. Maeve, the extremely talented saxophone-playing, adventurous sister who is fun-loving and well liked.

 Though different in talent and tastes, the twins are connected by the strong bond of a shared secret language and an innate intuition. During the autumn of their sixteenth year, Moira steps out of Maeve’s shadows onto the main stage in an effort to become more daring–like her sister. Moira experiences her first love and gets wrapped in a web of lies and deception which led to a tragic end.

Years later Maeve is doing her best to cope after the loss of Moira. Estranged from her mother, who blames Maeve for Moira’s accident, Maeve pushes intimacy and music away and cocoons herself in her work. She skims the surface of life until one night at an auction she bids on a keris, a Javanese dagger that reminds her of the joyful days she shared with Moira. Her acquisition of the keris sets in motion a series of events that propel her to seek the truth and open herself from the numbness of her life to seek adventure, love, and face he secrets of her past.

 I love this book, even though toward the beginning I got confused trying to distinguish between the sisters, which mirrors the reality of not always being able to recognize the individuality of twins. Once I got Moira and Maeve straight in my mind, I was swept away with the beautiful language and compelling story. Walsh has written an elegant novel that transported me to a dark and mysterious world of love, secrets, regret, acceptance, and forgiveness. Reviewed by Donna Volkenannt

It was my good fortunate to receive two copies of Walsh’s debut novel as part of the WOW! Blog tour. I received one copy to review, and one to use as a giveaway on Donna’s Book Pub, my other blog.

Beginning tomorrow, through next Wednesday, stop by Donna’s Book Pub to read an interview with Therese. Anyone who leaves a question or comment for Therese on my blog is eligible to win the giveaway copy, which will be announced on November 4 (the birthday of my twin grand-nephews). 



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